History was made in figure skating at this year’s Beijing 2022 Olympics

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — From Feb. 1-20, the 2022 Winter Olympics were hosted in Beijing and had groundbreaking achievements in the figure skating event. The world and all of Silver Creek High School’s Winter Olympic enthusiasts bore witness last month to an amazing display of programs and heart-wrenching events. The figure skating scene was simply astonishing for both first-time competitors and veterans.

1. Sui and Han

2. Nathen Chen

As if the figure skating scene could not get any more exciting this year, the figure skating pair, Sui and Han, spiced it up by setting a new world record score of 84.41 during their breathtaking short program. Previously in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018, the pair competed in the figure skating program only to lose gold by a sliver in their total score. This time, the audience held their breath as they not only took home gold this year for their performance but also made their mark of redemption as world record setters in pair figure skating.

Straight from Salt Lake City, Utah, Nathan Chen has been one of the most-watched and anticipated figure skaters within the men’s individual skate program to take home gold for the US. After Chen’s regretful performance at his first Olympics in Pyeongchang, he was ready to come back refined in both confidence and skill. His performances displayed great athleticism, all the while balancing the fluidity of his moves. Every technical move was full of precision and gorgeous execution. Without a doubt, Chen secured gold with an impressive total score of 332.60.

3. Yuzuru Hanyu

Yuzuru Hanyu is well known for his contribution to men’s individual figure skating. His artistry over the years has never wavered and always leaves his fans, and figure skater enthusiasts alike, captivated by his performance and storytelling. It was this year where Hanyu threw all of his risks on attempting his first-ever quad axel and nearly landed it. It was an unfortunate, yet inspiring, moment for everyone. Christine Ha, a senior at Silver Creek High School who is an avid watcher of the Winter Olympics says, “He really did try his best and it’s already a history in the making considering the fact that he even had the guts to attempt such a technical intensive move. I was really impressed!” His efforts proved to the figure skating community that nothing is impossible. Hanyu has always been known for taking on new challenges and has inspired so many individuals to follow suit in his craft.

4. Donovan Carillo

There is nothing more refreshing than seeing a new representation in the figure skating scene. 22-year-old Donovan Carrillo, became the first-ever Mexican figure skater in 30 years to participate in the Olympics. His fun and vibrant energy captured the audience in his performance and his use of Latin elements in the music choice. Despite a few stumbles and falls, Carillo continued smiling. He is the pride of Mexico and is truly groundbreaking and inspirational for many individuals.

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