Charting the Uncharted: Tom Holland’s latest film

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Uncharted, a movie starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, was released in theaters on Feb. 18. This action-packed movie overall was exciting, but left me with an abundant amount of questions. Warning, there will be slight spoilers.

Inspired by the PlayStation game series, Uncharted follows the adventures of Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter, as he travels around the world in order to uncover secret treasures and lost cities. He earns help from different allies and friends throughout the game, experiencing flashbacks of his older brother and their adventures before his disappearance

Of course, adventure games must always have an antagonist. Drake encounters many rival hunters with thieves and mercenaries working alongside each other. This factor results in the game becoming a bit more violent, since Drake and his allies must evade them somehow. 

A photo of the fourth game in the franchise, Uncharted: A Thief’s End Photo Cred: Sylvia Lopez

Before watching the movie, I came in with a lot of expectations about how I thought the movie should be as someone who enjoyed the video game. One of my biggest expectations was to see and recognize the characters, as well as watch the events unfold in the same order that they did in the game. 

At the start of the movie, Drake, who is played by Holland, is seen falling out of an airplane while trying to grab onto some cargo. He eventually gets back onto the airplane, but is then hit by a car and falls once again. I found this scene rather familiar, as the second and fourth game both have a similar introduction where Drake nearly escapes death. I just wasn’t able to recognize this scene from any of the games.

As the movie progressed, I came to realize that it mainly resembled different scenes from different versions of the game. There wasn’t a specific game that I was able to pinpoint.

Tayler Nguyen, a junior at Silver Creek High School, was able to give me her opinion on the film as well. She comments, “The Uncharted movie was overall really interesting because I got to see how different or how similar it was to the actual game. I would’ve liked to see more locations in the movie, since in the game they pretty much went all over the world to find the treasure they were looking for. In the end it was super intriguing to watch them solve puzzles and see the different characters in the movie.”

I was intrigued by the trailers leading up to the official release date, and although the movie lacked a bit of familiarity, I was fascinated by the production of the film along with the twists they added to it. After the end credits, there was an extra scene that hinted at a possible sequel to the movie, and I will for sure be in line to watch it. 

A photo of a poster released on the official Uncharted movie Instagram; Photo Cred: Sylvia Lopez

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