Mili Jain: Persevering and working her way to the top

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Mili Jain, a junior at Silver Creek High School, finds ways to live her life to the fullest and keeps going despite battling a neurological impairment. 

For most of her life, Jain has been plagued by a brain impairment, caused by multiple traumas to the head from playing sports at a young age. These have caused her to have issues memorizing things, have a loss of some bodily coordination, a decrease in cognitive function, and possible visual issues.

Mili Jain, (Photo provided by Jain’s mother)

Even with this challenge, Jain still manages to thrive and continue her life to the best of her ability. An accomplishment of Jain’s at Silver Creek is finishing every math course offered and taking college-level courses with an outside program. With the help of her family, friends, and pets, she finds happiness despite the obstacles ahead of her.

Jain was born and raised in Fremont where she was brought up by her two loving parents and later joined by a younger brother. Jain describes her family as super supportive and has essentially given her control over everything in her life. Her impairment has taught her how to be independent and take responsibility for herself while still having the support created by her parents to fall into if she ever needs it.

Jain is very passionate about animals, specifically dogs, and their help on her mental health. She has one dog of her own named Kuzon, a white shepherd, but often looks after other pets for family friends. Pets help to relieve her anxiety and help her keep a routine. According to Jain, “He gets me outside, makes sure I get some exercise and I get some time to think and reflect.”

Kuzon, Jain’s Dog (Photo provided by Jain)

Knowing that some strive to  get away from  pets due to the commitment, Jain advises that even with how scary it may be, “to take care of [pets] means that you have a routine and things to look forward to in your day.”

An ever-talented person, Jain has been a voracious reader ever since she picked up the “Amelia Bedelia” books at six years old. Jain also loves to go rock climbing in her spare time. She started climbing around six years ago and has made it her own sport to fit her needs in order to avoid further injuries. 

Jain continues to inspire with her dedication to achieving all she can, even with a disability.

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