Netflix releases real-life friendship of Hannah Goslar and Anne Frank

By Alexia Torres Camino

Friday, Feb. 1, 2022 

Anne frank (left) and Hannah Golsar in their hometown Berlin, Germany    Here is  a thumbnail of the new Netflix film (Picture credits:Alexia Torres)

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – On Feb. 1, 2022, Netflix released an emotional, real-life movie of Hannah Goslar, best friend of Anne Frank, showing the meaning of true friendship shown in a roller coaster of emotions at the Nazi concentration camp.

Frank strived to be a writer but unfortunately, she died at 15-years-old shortly before being liberated due to hunger, and mistreatment. Her best friend, Goslar did manage to survive and make it out with her little sister Gabi Goslar. Goslar fulfilled her dream and became a Palestine nurse and helped various survivors and traveled the world in memory of Frank.

This Netflix film shows the timeline of the friendship of Goslar and Frank. This film focuses more on Goslar’s point of view and shows how she struggled during the Hitler dictatorship. Along with the worries of family and her loved ones. 

Here is a brief summary of the film: Goslar and Frank have been friends since they were younger, growing together and promising to be friends forever.  Later Frank develops new friends and new interests which leave Goslar behind and isolated. Unfortunately, the two best friends get into a slight argument and Frank is taken away. The two are separated and don’t get put into the same concentration camp. The two soon reunite by talking through a straw wall to communicate. While Goslar does all she can to gather food for Frank, which includes risking her own life, it’s not enough and Frank dies. 

Silver Creek student Katelyn Tran stated, “The trailer seems very interesting and I like the plot. It definitely seems interesting, I believe it would be a great way to know more about Anne and Hannah.” Maria Pena, another student states,  “I would say that the trailer is very interesting because it started off with Anne Frank with her family and her best friend happy with a good life. It became the opposite when they were separated. I am intrigued to watch it because I want to know about Anne Frank’s life and Hannah Gosler’s life. I learned about Anne Frank back in the 8th grade, and her life diary when in hiding.”

IMDb released a rating of 7/10 and a 85% popularity rate. This film has been watched by many already and it’s a great movie to shed some tears on. Truly shows the real veracity and real friendship many can relate to.

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