The Bidens welcome a new cat to the family

Photo of Willow on the Potus Instagram account. 
(Photo Credit: Thu Nguyen)


By Thu Nguyen

Feb. 2, 2022 

SAN JOSE, CALIF – On Friday, Jan. 28, the Biden administration announced that they adopted a cat named Willow, as the newest addition to the first family. The feline will finally live in the White House after 2 years of catching Biden’s attention. 

Willow, a tabby shorthair cat, met the first lady, Dr. Jill Biden in 2020. Dr. Biden visited Rick Telesz’s farm in Pennsylvania, and met Willow for the first time. The two-year-old cat jumped up on the stage Dr. Biden was giving a speech and immediately charmed her. After the event, Dr. Biden called Telesz and asked if she could adopt Willow. 

“Seeing their immediate bond, the owner of the farm knew that Willow belonged with Dr. Biden,” said Michael LaRosa, the first lady’s spokesman in the New York Times.

Dr. Biden decided the perfect name for the farm feline is Willow, named after her home town in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Since then, the cat has been at a foster home awaiting the move to the White House with the Bidens. 

Earlier in December, President Biden announced Commander, a purebred German Shepherd puppy, as a part of the  family on Instagram. This comes after the relocation of Major, a rescue German Shepherd pet of President Biden, back to their family home after several biting accidents during his time in the White House. 

In June, the Biden’s eldest furry family member, Champ, passed away at 13. Champ was welcomed in the White House during President Biden’s occupation during Obama’s presidency as the vice president and is well known among politicians. “He passed away peacefully at home,” said the President and first lady in a statement

A junior at Silver Creek, Vivian Nguyen, commented, “That’s super rad.” 

Another student, Madison Lee, mentions, “Kinda looks like him.” 

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