Katherine Tat: A successful woman in the making

By Sylvia Lopez

Feb. 2, 2022

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Katherine Tat, a junior at Silver Creek High school, thrives off of helping others by being active in many clubs and is soaring her way through school in order to become successful. Busy in four different clubs, as well as holding an officer title in three of them, Tat is on her way to becoming an accomplished business woman!

A photo of Tat during Lunar New Year; Photo creds: Katherine Tat

As a junior, there are heaps of work to do along with preparations for senior year starting which poses a struggle for most students. Tat, however, finds a way to manage all of that along with the extracurriculars, having her work cut out for her.

As for clubs, Tat is the secretary in UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), the Human Relations manager in MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement) and the historian in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America). Her jobs are similar to each other, as she makes flyers and runs the social media in FBLA and MESA. In UNICEF, she creates the general meeting slides and keeps track of spreadsheets for the club. 

An example of an FLBA application flyer Tat created; Photo creds: Katherine Tat
An example of an FBLA meeting flyer Tat created; Photo creds: Katherine Tat

Tat encourages others to join these clubs, as they each hold different attributes to them and she enjoys being part of such wonderful communities.

“I encourage underclassmen to join FBLA if they are interested in business career pathways or just want to learn more about finance and other sectors of business in general. We host super cool activities and give members the special opportunity to participate in competitions, where they can win cool prizes and even travel out of state for nationals!” 

When asked how she would apply these clubs to her future career, her response was, “I do plan on using my extracurriculars in the future, as I believe they will nurture personal and professional growth! I am currently planning on pursuing a career in business (specifically accounting) and will incorporate the skills I gained from my positions through applying them to future careers and professional relationships.”

As for her personal interests, Tat’s fourth club she takes part in is Silver Creek High School’s K-pop club, which is a club that bonds over their love for the music genre as well as performs different choreographies to the songs. 

“I like that we all treat each other as a family and are extremely supportive of each other! Kpop club is a safe space for me, and I feel comfortable around the other members because we all share a common love for kpop. The choreographies are super addicting as well!” 

As Tat continues to grow and strives to be the best version of herself, her commitment to her peers and her future will prove that success comes from not only the work put in but the support and encouragement others give.

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