An overview of Beijing’s 2022 Winter Olympics 

March 4, 2022

SAN JOSE, CALIF. —This year’s Winter Olympics took place in Beijing, China’s capital, from Feb. 4-20, where multiple determined participants competed in categories from graceful figure skating to the briskness of skiing.

The Olympics, for those who are not so familiar with the term, is a worldwide competition that features summer and winter sports. Very few are able to qualify for the Olympics as it is very pressuring and includes vigorous training. 

The 15 sports involved in this Winter Olympics included a total of 109 medals across the list. Receiving an award from this tournament is similar to a badge of honor towards athletes. However, like every competition, it’s made for enjoyment to both the spectators and contestants.

2022 Beijing Winter Olympics
Photo Credit: MarkFangMingBourne

As exciting as it is for fans to be able to watch the Olympics once again, due to the pandemic, only a select few are able to come to the stadium. Fortunately, Peacock streamed the Games to many platforms for everyone to enjoy the show. Freshman Trish Le emphasized their excitement about the show saying, “Even though I couldn’t be there to witness it, I loved watching it from home because of how surreal it felt. The experience felt similar to if I was there!”

Opening Ceremony for 2022 Olympics
Photo Credit: Olympics and Wikimedia

Still in the top ten, the United States placed fourth place on the leaderboard with eight gold medals. Norway, however, earned first place with 16 gold medals. Germany led in second place (12 gold medals) and the People’s Republic of China (9 gold medals) in third. 

Official 2022 Olympic medal design
Photo Credit: Jasmine Sessoms 

What most people tend to overlook is the symbolization of each year’s medal design. With this year’s design, it’s closely related to Cai Qi’s speech at the Opening Ceremony emphasizing peace and unity. The medals are called “Tong Xin”, or “together as one.” The pattern is based on Chinese ancient jade circle pendants—showing five rings engraved on the outer part. Illustrating the Olympic spirit to bring all the individuals together and the success of the Olympics to be contributed to all around the world. 

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