The sexual assault allegations against tiktoker, Sienna Mae Gomez

 (Trigger warning: mentions of Sexual Assult)

By Jenny Le

February 18, 2022 

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — TikToker, Sienna Mae Gomez has now been facing hate from online communities after a video surfaced on twitter of her sexually assaulting her “boyfriend”, Jack Wright.

In Wright’s most recent Youtube video, posted Jan. 21 2022, he talks about how his relationship started with Gomez and how it quickly escalated. Wright’s friend, Mason Rizzo, was a witness to what happened and later posted on Twitter a series of events that Gomez did to Wright. Soon after, Gomez’s family reached out to Wright’s family to have the tweet taken down. Wright and Gomez decided that they were going to settle this off-line but soon after Gomez released an eight-minute video on TikTok calling Wright a liar and invalidating everything Wright had said. 

One of Wright’s friends saw the video, and quickly took it to Twitter to tweet a video of Wright passed out on a couch at a party, this video showed Gomez was taking advantage of Wright. During the video, Wright’s friend Lachchlan Hannemann quickly took action and pulled Gomez off of Wright, after Gomez was pilled off the two had an altercation. After this video was tweeted, Gomez quickly took to YouTube and posted a 15 part video saying that it was all lies even though there was clear evidence of it. 

Gomez also claims that she does love him, even though he told her that he didn’t like what she did to him and that they were only friends. After observing her videos approaching the situation, many people noticed that she was angrily denying the situation, rather than apologizing for her actions. Kayla Nguyen, a student at Silver Creek High School mentions, “She gaslights in her apology because she knows she is in the wrong.”

Wright’s video with evidence of other victims that Gomez SA.
Photo courtesy: Jenny Le

Wright claims that the abuse almost felt like a cycle when it first started happening, because even when she said sorry, she’d continuously make him feel uncomfortable. He says in his recent video that he regrets being nice to her the first time she said sorry. One heartbreaking thing he says in the video is, “Now I realize that I was stuck in this manipulative cycle of her acting like she extremely cared about me, and then that night she would do stuff to me and then it was just so normal for me and I got used to it”. Further, into the video, he says that it even felt like she had control over him and he felt unsafe in his own home because she would pick his locks. 

Wright also says that many guys reached out to him after the video was released claiming that the same thing happened to them with Gomez. Many fans speculate that Wright and Gomez are taking things into legal hands but it remains unknown where the two stand.

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