New gun requirements in San Jose

Feb.1, 2022

By: Amelia Leson

SAN JOSE, CALIF.— Sam Licardo, the Mayor of San Jose, will release new gun requirements in August, to lower rates of homicide, suicides and accidental deaths caused by guns.

Caption: screenshot taken from cnn article of Sam Licardo’s speech for new gun laws

Although the year 2022 has just started, there have been reports of 7 school shootings.This led to  Liccardo taking matters into his own hands by creating and enforcing new laws that are inspired and often compared to vehicle laws and were unanimously agreed upon.

Some of these laws include how the gunmakers, sellers, and companies are liable for any death or injury. Even though the makers and sellers/companies should have been liable in the first place, there was a loophole that shielded them from being sued and taking responsibility. 

Gun insurance, a new law, is to make sure that the gun owners have liability to any damages or losses caused by them, whether it be an accident, or not and have to pay a fee. People with gun safes, trigger locks and completed gun safety classes are expected and trusted to show responsibility while with the gun. Police officers crossing paths with gun owners check for proof of insurance as they do with car insurance as a type of enforcement. Gun owners also have to pay an annual fee of $25 per household. 

A CNN article covers how a firearms rights group sues San Jose over this new law and Licardo responds with “no good deed goes unlitigated, fees and taxes on ammunition have existed since 1919 and repeatedly been upheld.” Because the firearms rights group decided to sue San Jose, the date of the law release is going to be pushed back from being released from Jan 25 to sometime in august if the council approves.

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