The conflict between Russia and Ukraine

By Veena Mahalingam

Feb 18, 2022

SAN JOSE CALIF. — Conflicts between Ukraine and Russia arise because of a disagreement, this problem could lead to a new war.  Ukraine wants to join Nato but that would make them powerful enough to fight Russia if they wanted to. That would be a problem for Russia so they want to unnerve Ukraine. Nato, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is a military agency between 27 European countries, two North American countries, and one Eurasian country. Those countries give part of their military to Nato and in return, Nato helps them in war. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine started because Ukraine wanted to join Nato.

Ukraine claims that since they are independent, Russia can’t stop them from joining Nato but Russia is willing to wage a war in order to prevent that. If Ukraine joins Nato, then they would have enough power to fight Russia. In order to prevent that, Russia is threatening Ukraine because as of now, he has more power. 

The Russian troops are in the final stages of preparation which adds to Ukraine’s worries.

When it comes to allies, America would most likely take Ukraine’s side because of the bad history with Russia. That means Ukraine also has Australia because America and Australia are allies. Russia can count on China. They’ve been on good terms with each other since the late 1950s and even though a formal alliance hasn’t been established, China did agree to take Russia’s side against America if a war breaks out. America is strong but China’s military is growing. “I’ve never seen a joint statement from both leaders using this kind of language. They’ve joined forces,” Angela Stent, a Russian expert who served at the National Intelligence Council. 

Any time the U.S. and the European allies are against Russia, it has an impact on the whole world economically and in terms of security. With the US involved, many people would be affected. Everything would be affected, from school to the economy. It affects us because everyone would be in danger and  India hasn’t taken either side but will have to choose between Russia and Ukraine soon. India has more than 20,000 nationals in Ukraine and the government is worried about their safety.  Europe worries that Russia will stop or reduce gas and oil manufacturing, making the cost more expensive.

People are calling this a potential world war because it will affect almost everyone economically, politically, and militarily. Vladimir Putin has agreed to talk things out with Ukraine but it doesn’t seem like they’ve come to a peaceful agreement yet.

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