Avi Ratnaparkhi’s contribution to Silver Creek High School’s spirit

By Naimat Davariar

Avi Ratnaparkhi taking an awesome selfie. (Photo Credit: Avi Ratnaparkhi) 

SAN JOSE, CALIF.— Avi Ratnaparkhi on how he manages to be Spiritleader on top of his many other passions.

Ratnaparkhi was born and raised in San Jose, California. He aspires to become a lawyer one day and make an impact in the society we live in. Ratnaparkhi shares a strong bond with his two brothers and his dog Scooby. He is a true friend to many and often seems helping others with their struggles in life or school. People who know him often refer to him as Doctor Avi because he is the solution to many problems. Silver Creek High School has provided Avi Ratnaprkhi a platform to shine, and show his leadership skills as the ASB spirit leader to inspire other students to get involved in making Silver Creek a fun and safe place.

Ratnaparkhi manages and sets up school events. His project right now is F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.S. which is a very big thing according to him. He says, “This is where all classes get to battle it out with their dance moves. Each class works extremely hard to practice every day after school to learn and be fluid with the moves they create. In the end, it’s a thrill to see who comes out on top.” School spirit is Ratnaparkhi’s number one priority. Everyone at Silver Creek should be thrilled to represent their school and have great fun events presented at times. If there’s one person who knows how to make it fun and exciting, it’s Avi Ratnaparki. 

When asked about what he does in his free time, he says, “I’m a very outgoing person who loves spending time outside. I play outdoor hockey and participate in multiple clubs. I’m the president of the DECA club and a varsity policy debater in speech and debate.” Ratnaparkhi devoted a lot of time and effort to many of the activists he’s engaged himself in. 

He was also asked about his favorite memory and to that, he said, “Perhaps one of my favorites was from my first debate tournament when my partner and I won a trophy for varsity policy debate.” Ratnaparkhi has won many others like the stock market game for DECA where he and his partner ranked 23rd out of 1400 teams on the west coast for their portfolio. This shows that he is extremely devoted and committed to anything he puts his mind to. To top it off, he has won numerous hockey trophies from different cities where his team plays different opponents from across the states and Canada.

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