Phivan Nguyen: The one who defines school inolvement and productivity

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Phivan Nguyen, a senior, has been involved in leading clubs and extracurriculars while still managing her workload year-round. At Silver Creek, she’s known to be the prime example for being on top of her game and an all-rounder in clubs by leading and coordinating many events.

Nguyen represents her swim merch from her outside swim team called Splash.
(Photo Credit: Christal Tran)

Usually, it is strange to hear about someone who wants to finish their homework as soon as they can but that is exactly something Nguyen would do. “I want to make the most of the time that I have every day so finishing homework is something that I try my best to finish so I can make time for other things I enjoy doing!” says Nguyen. Getting things done is just something she has grown to be accustomed to. Her friends at school have seen and acknowledged her for her consistency. “She is very organized and has been doing it for so long it’s literally second nature to her. I really admire her for that because I can’t imagine myself being able to have so much drive to get work done like that!” exclaims Lily Nguyen, Nguyen’s friend. She knows how to prioritize what needs to be done.

Many students would think that because Nguyen is always so focused on completing general tasks and work, she wouldn’t have time to do anything else. Yet, she manages to lead two clubs by the title of president for both Lion Dance Club and UNICEF Club. The club officers who have worked alongside her have said “[Nguyen] is helpful, very understanding and so nice.” In a way, her aura and the way she carries herself when interacting with others results in people naturally gravitating towards her with their respect and attention. She speaks to members of her clubs and listens to their problems, making the atmosphere comforting and welcome every time. “I never want anyone in my club to feel stressed out because we all have our own lives outside of school but I definitely want to make everyone feel involved and have lots of fun!” says Nguyen. It is what she lives by and will continue to do so with people she meets.

Aside from schoolwork and club activities, Nguyen also makes the time being a part of an outside competitive swim team called Splash as well as Silver Creek’s water polo and swim team. She’s well known for her stellar performance in the pool and the energy that she brings to her team.

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