Are airtags dangerous?

Jan 13, 2022

By Amelia Leson

SAN JOSE, CALIF.— Air tags are a product of Apple to help track down easily lost items such as purses, keys, and even pets. Air tags are not intended to be dangerous and are actually a good idea, but at the same time, people may have malicious intent. Many people have stolen cars they tracked with the Apple airpods. A lot of everywhere, people in late 2021, even today have received a notification informing them of an airtag tracking them. Concerned they were thieves, they went to the police for help and were dismissed as paranoid.

People think that it was the work of relatives who were trying to prank them. Others thought that it was the work of some thief who was trying to steal or hack their cars/phones. It has been happening quite frequently now, many people including influencers are showing tutorials of how to tell if you are being tracked and how to stop it. Finding out if you are being tracked is harder with an android phone than an Apple phone.

how the tracker shows up on an apple phone
How the tracker shows up in the app (screenshots taken from Riya’s phone)

Police went to Apple and asked for them to track the tag back to the owner, but some of the people who were interviewed by the “New York Times” said that they weren’t able to find the culprit of who was tracking them and some police didn’t take the tracking notifications seriously. Some people didn’t even find the air tag because it was under “unknown accessory” and Apple told them how the notification could have been triggered by other devices and dropped the concerns. More publishers such as “Mercury News”, “Fox2detroit”, “nbcnewsarea”, and more have written articles about this concern. 

It worries me about how little priority these cases have been given. I may be a bit paranoid, but if the people who put the tracker on the victims chose to, they could have done something much worse than just hack into a phone or steal a car. I asked a student from Silver Creek how they would feel if they knew that they were being tracked by a tracker and they agreed with me, adding how “I was aware of it but now that I can notice it I can feel safer and get rid of or disable the tracker.”

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