S2:E1 Euphoria, Brought So Much Conflict Only On The First Episode

Spoiler Alert: Don’t read if you haven’t watched yet 

Yesenia Rocha

Jan. 11, 2022

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Netflix show “Euphoria” shows a different perspective on high school students, this includes drug abuse, and fights. Season 2 begins on New Year’s eve, a wild house party was the start of a conflict for these high school students. 

Photo caption: The cast of Euphoria taking a picture
Photo Credits: Media punch/Shuttershock

Here is a season one recap from Esquire.com,“Throughout Euphoria, the usually smart, kind, and funny Rue struggles with a terrible drug addiction. She actually manages to remain sober during a decent period of Season One, after falling in love with the new kid at school, Jules. The relationship deteriorates, leading up to a heartbreaking breakup-goodbye to Rue at a train station. Rue goes home, relapses, and the season ends shortly afterward, which prompts speculation that she overdosed and was near death.” Additionally, we are introduced to Nate (Jacob Elordi) and Maddy (Alexa Demie) who have this on and off, toxic, jealous and abusive relationship. 

The new season starts off with the backstory of Fezco’s (Angus Cloud) Childhood. Fez’s grandmother had full custody of him but she  sold drugs and brought him around with everything she did. But honestly she was such a fantastic character and they should have added more of her character into this season. Besides her getting sick, they should have had her character recover and deal with all the current situations the right way. Being around people like that will only influence you to do the same thing. Rue (Zendaya) is one of his close friends, but I believe it’s so terrible how they hang out since she is addicted to drugs and always trying the drugs that he has.

Maddy is a character who has already been through a lot. She was physically and mentally abused by her on and off boyfriend, Nate. I definitely believe Maddy deserved better in this season and her character should have left Nate to focus on giving herself more self love and realizing she doesn’t need Nate. Maddy has a best friend, Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) whom she felt comfortable and close enough to tell her about all the arguments and fights she would go through with her boyfriend. Cassie ended up at a gas station and ran into Nate, he offered her a ride, and her problem was that she always said yes to everyone. I hated how she knows things are wrong but she will still always say yes. 

Photo Caption: Cassie hiding in the shower while her best friend, Maddy, is using the restroom unaware she is in there and what she did. 
Photo Credits: HBO

Freshman at Silver Creek, Andrea Alvarez stated, “I hate how Cassie did that to Maddy, I would feel so betrayed if my close friend ever did that to me. The fact that she could hide in the bathroom when Maddy was in there was so weird of her.” I believe it’s so shady how Nate claims he loves Maddy yet he is sneaking around with her best friend behind her back. If I were in Maddy’s shoes I would feel so betrayed by my so-called “bestfriends”, thinking they have my back but they are only stabbing it and lying straight to my face. 

In season one, Nate was always messing with Rue and her friend Jules (Hunter Schafer). Fez was fed up with it and he confronted Nate, telling him to stay away from them and threatening to kill him. The episode ends with Fez smashing a bottle into Nate’s head and starting beating him. It was pretty obvious that Cassie was one of the first to run to Nate to save him. 

That gave most people a hint that this season is going to be really crazy and intense. I believe that what Cassie did caught my attention most about this episode. I await to see more of the drama between them. I also believe that when Maddy finds out, she is going to physically fight Cassie. HBO is said to be releasing one episode every Sunday. The last episode is to be released on Feb. 27, some fans hate that it’s one episode per week, because there is so much suspense of what’s going to happen next. 

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