88Rising’s Head in the Clouds Festival

By Nisha Bhilave

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — 88Rising and it’s many amazing artists performed at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, CA for its annual “Head in the Clouds” festival on the weekend of Nov. 6-7.

Known for highlighting new asian talent, the festival featured artists like Joji from Japan, Rich Brian and Niki from Indonesia, the Higher Brothers from China and Jackson Wang from South Korea. To represent their unique cultures, some of the artists sang their popular tracks, such as “Made in China” and “WeChat” in their native languages. An anonymous fan from Silver Creek High School said “I think it’s amazing how Asians are finally getting the chance to show off their culture in the media.”

The performances themselves were spectacular, presenting a variety of genres. The show kicked off with slower, more chill R&B, but soon took a complete 180 with upbeat pop music. Once the music started, fans could not resist the urge to dance. 

The venue was a bright, colorfully decorated field full of lanterns, dragons and huge stage props. Lights adorned the stage and fans made sure to take pictures in front of it to capture the energy from that night. 88Rising's Head In The Clouds Festival A New Start For Goldenvoice And Rose  Bowl Partnership

Photo of the crowd during the “Head in the Clouds” Festival, by Jake West

In addition to the concert, the festival included the annual 626 night market, an imitation of the food stands usually found in the streets of Asia. Vendors sold all kinds of classic Asian dishes as well as some with contemporary twists. One example is Noragami, a Japanese food stall which sold sushi tacos, creating an interesting blend of cultures. Another is Bopomofo Cafe, which created and served shrimp burgers and tofu tater tots. 


Photo of sushi from the 626 Night Market, by eatswithashley on Twitter

On both nights, the performers ended the night with their collaborative songs. On Sunday, they ended with arguably their most popular track, “Midsummer Madness”, the company’s collaborative track, which was a huge hit among the crowd. The response from the crowd was the perfect way to end the weekend with a bang. 

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