Jenny Ku, the future technician

Ku sitting behind face shield parts – Photos by Jenny Ku

By Amelia Leson 

SAN JOSE, CALIF.- Jenny Ku is a senior at Silver Creek who grew up in San Jose and is aspiring to become a mechanical engineer. 

Ku ran headfirst into the Maker Movement as a club at Silver Creek highschool, which is a global culture composed of people who promote social good. Their projects include creating many different varieties of fabrication skills, artistry and technology. In her freetime, she learned how to create things in different ways such as sewing, 3D printing, 3D modeling, airbrushing and plastic work. She is a talented creator, creating anime swords and more objects inspired by video games and TV shows. Ku also makes more practical things like phone stands that she sells on her Etsy shop, and parts for face shields to help medical facilities in early 2020.

A photo of a 3D printed samurai during Club Rush – Amelia Leson

Because she grew up in the heart of Silicon Valley, she experienced a lot of the history and technological marvels. Ku said, “A lot of my happiness and interests revolve around using technology and learning how to create things with high-end softwares and complex machinery but I know not everyone has the same opportunities to learn the things I have,” and this was the reason why she made the Maker Club. Since the disruption by COVID-19, she hopes that the makerspace project will be in full force this year. She mentioned how there have been a lot of troubles with past projects, and how she felt a lot of doubt. But the support from her parents kept her going.

Jenny also applied to college as a mechanical engineering major to learn new skills and broaden her horizons about product design. Her ambition is to help people and make a difference for people who have issues doing things in daily life. 

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