A closer look into one of the girl’s golf team members, Vivian Nguyen

Vivian Nguyen posing with a peace sign. (Photo Credit: Helena Margaret)

By Thu Nguyen

Date Nov. 3, 2021

Besides playing golf, Vivian Nguyen strives to be a good friend, daughter, and player in her other passions as well. She was inspired to start playing by her cousin, who thought golf was a good opportunity for her to start getting involved in sports at Silver Creek. 

She first joined the team during her sophomore year and has excelled at the sport within the past years. Nguyen’s best golf score up-to-date is a shocking 53. In each hole at the course, there is a par which is the limit to hit. The way our school plays is double so the score would be par x 2 to get the ball in the hole. For example, if the hole is a par 3, the player has 6 shots to get it in. 

Her favorite thing about this sport is that it does not require a lot of physical exertion, making it an undemanding sport, not requiring much strength and welcoming towards beginners.

Vivian Nguyen and her teammate Thu Nguyen posing in front of the X-Quad. (Photo Credit: Karen Nguyen)

A pet peeve of Nguyen is , “When you’re about to hit and the club accidentally hits the golf ball and it falls off the tee.” This burden affects many golf players as it would count as a move when it occurs on the golf course, worsening the score. 

Besides playing sports, she also has a passion for playing the piano. The golf player has been playing since she was first introduced to it in the first grade. She has continued playing it in hope to better her skills. 

To relax from all of the stress in her life, Nguyen enjoys relaxing on a comfortable surface and watching netflix. Her all time favorite film series is “Bojack Horseman,” a comedy show  centering around a humanoid horse trying to raise his three adoptive children. Another treasured show she enjoys is “Grey’s Anatomy,” a popular series on Netflix. It dives into the personal and professional lives of individual surgical interns and their medical mentors. 

In 10 years, the athlete sees herself living in Seattle working as a sonographer. The city has the preferred rainy weather that Nguyen likes and the environment is one that she can see herself striving in. Her target university in which she hopes to attend is University of California, Irvine. 

If there is one thing that Nguyen hopes everyone knows about her, it certainly is that she would not take AP classes if it isn’t for trying to make her mother proud. 

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