Student, friend, cheerleader: Samantha does it all

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Samantha Segura is a 17-year-old senior here at Silver Creek High School and this is an interview to get to know who she is and her interests. Both of her parents didn’t attend Silver Creek but her sister, a couple cousins of hers and one of her Tia’s went there. She was born and raised in San Jose.

Segura is on the sidelines during the football games along with the rest of the Lady Raiders! Her interest sparked from her mom being a cheerleader in her high school years so Segura wanted to try it out. As one of the captains on the varsity cheer team, Segura has done cheer all throughout high school. “When I started cheer I knew absolutely nothing so I’ve come a really long way,” said Segura. She saw  that starting something new doesn’t mean there won’t be success out of it.

Segura expressed how she feels she won’t leave anything very impactful behind at Silver Creek when she graduates but she does think her impact on the junior varsity cheerleaders will remain. Her parents are pretty harsh on her academics which pushes her to do well in school. “My parents are very supportive of both cheer and academics,” said Segura. After graduation, she will be attending a local community college to get a general education and prepare for a future career choice. She is uncertain right now but has thoughts about being a kindergarten teacher. 

Her interest in possibly going into kindergarten teaching comes from her love of little kids. Before the pandemic she used to visit her old elementary school and help out with the kindergarten class her friend’s mom teaches. When she is around kids Segura works with them well and feels that teaching them would be a great job for her. 


During the pandemic, Samantha and her friends threw their own junior prom and this was from their photo shoot. (Photo credit: Samantha’s mom)

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