Astroworld Fatal Incident Leaves 8 People Dead

By Yesenia Rocha Nov. 9, 2021

SAN JOSE, CALIF.— On Nov. 5, 2021, eight people lost their lives at Travis Scott’s “ASTROworld” festival in Houston, Texas.

Photo of Travis Scott
Credits: Yesenia Rocha

Jacques Bermon Webster II, also known as “Travis Scott”, is a well known rapper. His third album “Astroworld” was a big hit and led to him starting his own music festival by the same name. It was supposed to be a weekend long festival, from Nov.5-6, but with the fatal events, the second day was cancelled.

Travis Scott performing during Astroworld

After seeing multiple people passed out on the floor, there were fans yelling at Scott to stop the festival, even attempting to climb onto the stage with him. Scott told everyone “keep going” and proceeded to sing. It was a crazy mosh pit because everyone was getting pushed and shoved in every direction. There were videos on TikTok showing how there were dog piles and screaming because they were getting suffocated. According to CNN news, Scott started the show around 9 p.m. and didn’t stop the show until shortly after 10 p.m.

According to an Black Enterprise, 9-year-old, Ezra Blount has been placed in a medically induced coma, due to brain injuries and organ damage.Blount and his father were trampled in the crowd, and once his father passed out nobody knows what happened shortly afterward. His grandmother stated “He has injuries to his kidney, to his lung, and to his liver. Basically every organ has been damaged. He experienced cardiac arrest. His heart is weak and has damage as well. His brain has swelling, and he’s in an induced coma. They’re just trying to keep him comfortable and trying to figure out a plan for him.”  

The lives of Brianna Rodriguez, Rodolfo Peña, Franco Patino, Jacob Jurinek, John Hilgert, Madison Dubiski, Danish Baig and Axel Acosta Avila were taken on Nov. 5. According to CNN news, Scott has “partnered with BetterHelp to provide free mental health services to all those affected by the tragedy.” They also included how Scott mentioned he will give full refunds to all ticket holders

Senior at Silver Creek High School, Mya Caraballo mentioned, “I think it’s sad especially since it has happened to his concerts before and he encourages crazy behavior like jumping the barricades. It’s even more sad that his own three-year-old daughter was there.

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