(Spoiler) New Sci-Fi Movie: “Dune” Breaks a Box Office Record 

By Gabryela Reynoso, Oct. 27, 2021

“Dune” Movie Poster. (Photo Credit: Warner Bros)

SAN JOSE, CALIF- On a planet named Arrakis, Paul, the future of House Atreides, finds his path in a journey to interstellar travel. A sci-fi movie featuring rising actor, Timothée Chalamet, has viewers ecstatic for the sequel said to come 2023. The year is 10191, people are divided into tribes that are distinctly known by a set of attributes. 

The Fremen are people that inhabit the dangerous desert, which has affected their eyes turning them into a vivid blue. They are a rather weaker group that survive off the trust and loyalty they give each other. The Harkonnens are by far one of the most feared tribes due to their cruel and inhumane tendencies. They’ve had control of the spice found in the desert for quite some time until the Emperor later issued that House of Atreides be in charge. The House of Atreides is a well built empire, moving their way up the power ladder and is home to the main character, Paul. 

Paul is the son of the Lord and next in line for the throne. He also frequently endures visions throughout the movie where he sees a fremen girl and glimpses of the future. His mother also known as “Bene Gesserit” is well known for a power she possesses that they call “the Voice,” which is a  telepathic command that forces others to do as ordered.  She teaches Paul how to control “the Voice,” which establishes him as a possible messiah(god) from a prophecy that the Fremen believe in. It is said in the movie that the messiah experiences visions and knows the ways of the Fremen although he is not one of them. 

As Paul and his family make their way to Arrakis they face many tragedies, including Paul’s father dying, thus making him the new Lord to a fallen army. Paul and his mother escape death a multitude of times, and in the end, Paul proves himself to be a natural born Fremen. The movie ends with a sense of peace, yet unfinished business, urging fans to express their excitement about the now confirmed “Dune: Part Two”.

As for Dune overall reviews, most seemed to have enjoyed the action movie; receiving ratings such as 84% (Rotten Tomatoes), 8.3/10 (IMDb), 74% (Metacritic), etc. It has even been concluded that, As stated from PEOPLE.com, “The sci-fi flick marks Warner Bros.’ biggest three-day box office total since the company began releasing films simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max.” 

Although most fans liked the movie, a significant misunderstanding had audience members on Twitter raving about a co-star, Zendaya, only having a total of seven minutes of on screen time. Fans were undoubtedly upset because of how much producers had promoted the two stars, only to find out that Zendaya had a very small speaking role. “‘The credits were longer than Zendaya’s camera time in Dune,’ said another viewer.”(Hola.com) Nevertheless, it’s been hinted that Zendaya’s role will have a much bigger part in the sequel coming 2023. Which is a fundamental aspect for most Silver Creek students, some of them stating, “I love Zendaya, that’s why the movie was good,” or “I really liked the movie overall, I just wish they would have included more scenes with Zendaya.”

Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya on the red carpet for the Dune Premiere. (Photo Credits: Gabryela Reynoso)

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