Javad reveals why he goes by just his first name

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Javad Aryan, a math teacher at Silver Creek High School, is known around campus for being an entertaining and likeable teacher. One thing that makes him stand out compared to other teachers is that he prefers to be called by his first name, which irks many students and staff. 

Javad revealed that he believes “respect is more than just calling someone by their last name.” He claims that the best way to show respect is to be a diligent student and to treat people well. If this is done properly, calling him by his last name has little significance. According to him, “Mr.” sounds too official and gives off “CEO vibes,” a title which he doesn’t intend to hold. 

Javad has been working at Silver Creek High School for six years now and this is his reason for teaching in the field of math. When he was little, his teacher in Iran broke his nose and many of his peers made fun of him for flunking geometry several times. After facing many adversities related to the subject, Javad took it as a challenge. He decided to study math and teach children in an environment that is informative as well as enjoyable–an experience opposite to his.

His favorite part about teaching math at Silver Creek is when he sees students understanding concepts. The feeling he gets when his teaching makes a difference in a student’s life is his main motivational factor. He says, “Without that feeling, there is no difference between me and a cat. We both eat and sleep every day.” When a student experiences this “aha!” moment, it makes him feel like he has made a difference in humanity, even if it is a small one. 

Javad’s only teaching philosophy when he educates students is to “have no ego; be an entertainer and a teacher at the same time.” He explains that the only way to really enjoy his job is to be filter-proof. Understanding and making connections with his students is his main goal in teaching and that is the way he structures his lessons. 

In terms of student encouragement, Javad advises students to be the best at what they love because it will take them far in life. He advises, “Be the best at whatever you want to be and work at the White House because you will make a lot of money.” Overall, his message is clear: work hard and work with passion and one will enjoy life. 

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