Giants star: Buster Posey retires

By Gabryela Reynoso, Nov. 9, 2021

SAN JOSE, CALIF.—San Francisco Giants fans look back on the memorable 12 years of Buster Posey’s career as he retires this year with several awards and three World Series rings.

Gerald Dempsey Posey III also known as Buster Posey was born on March 27, 1987, in Leesburg, Georgia. His father, Gerald Posey was also a professional baseball player in which Posey followed in his footsteps. Throughout his high school years, Posey excelled in academics, ranking fourth in his class. After graduating high school he was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels, but he declined in hopes of attending college instead of going straight into Major League Baseball. 

As of Nov. 4, Posey revealed to the press that he would be retiring from his role as catcher for the San Francisco Giants. According to ESPN, “The desire to spend more time with his family combined with the physical toll of playing catcher led him to retire Thursday following a 12-year MLB career.” As many fans are saddened to see Posey depart from the MLB, it also poses a question as to who will fill his shoes. Another Bay Area athlete, Stephen Curry, also took time to reflect on Posey’s surprising retirement, stating, “It’s so cool to see somebody be able to go out on their own terms, with hopefully no regrets and a wild resume under his belt.”(SB Nation)

Buster Posey (#28) on the field, batting for the Giants. 
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

When looking back at Posey’s amazing career, it’s astonishing to see just how much he accomplished in his 12-year career. At the start of his career, Posey attended Florida State University and played baseball there prior to getting signed by the Giants in 2009. Since then, “Posey joins Pete Rose as the only other player in MLB history to win Rookie of the Year (2010), an MVP (2012) and three World Series rings (2010, ’12, ’14).” (ESPN) Not only has Posey been such a fundamental aspect to the Giants success over the past years, but an all around star player throughout his career. In his career Posey became, “One of six players in the divisional era to hit .300 or better in his final MLB season,” according to ESPN Stats & Information research.

As fans process Posey’s unexpected retirement, most of them are devastated to see such a fundamental aspect of the Giants team leave, but the majority of his supporters have accepted his retirement and are glad to see that he left on good terms. A Silver Creek student, Savanna Kowalski states, “I’m disappointed to see such a great player leave the Giants, but I completely feel for his needs to be with his family and I’m glad that he could leave with an amazing legacy.”

As for who will replace this All-Star athlete, the SF Giants have announced some probable replacements such as Joey Bart and coincidentally, Posey’s old college roommate from FSU, Mark Hallberg. Although Posey’s successful career has come to an end, fans are happy to hear that he leaves the field with no regrets. All joining together fans say thank you to Posey for a memorable 12 years!

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