New Calming Space Open on Campus

By: Andrew Yoshioka

Nov. 03, 2021. SAN JOSE, CALIF. – The counselors have opened a new calming space on campus this year, for the purpose of allowing students to relax when they most need it. 

The purpose of a calming space is to be a safe space for children when their emotions are overwhelming them and/or are out of control, and thus need a safe place to regain said control. When head counselor Donnise Powell was asked about the opening of one on campus, she stated “The calming space was open so students can have a place to take a short break where they can calm down when stressed out or anxious in class.” At the age most teenagers are at, they are more prone to being overwhelmed, so opening one for the students of Silver Creek High School was a smart move.

The calming space on campus is located across from the school office and the Mental Health and Wellness center, east from the entrance of Raider Hall. Inside are numerous materials to help students relax, such as blankets, games, and stuffed seats. 

Image of the Calming Space’s entrance on Silver Creek Campus.

The best part for students is that it’s almost open for students to use, even during class time. When students are overwhelmed during a project, they’re allowed to be excused to the center to calm down until they’re prepared to return. The only rule in place is that students can only stay for up to forty minutes.

The Calming Space also has a support group for the LGBTQ community, which is hosted on alternating periods every Tuesday. The attendance forms recently changed to not mention the purpose of activity, just to ensure the safety of those involved. 

Those who made the support center are happy that it’s a success so far, and want to keep it going for as long as they can: preferably up to the end of the school year and beyond. 

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