Top Books Read by Silver Creek This Nov.

By Tina Le

SAN JOSE, CALIF.— As the cold approaches and the nights grow longer, Nov. is the perfect time for reading, according to book lovers.

Stahlke and her November read
Photo by: Tina Le

Jessica Stahlke, an English teacher, is currently reading ‘Untamed’ by Glennon Doyle. The memoir is about Doyle’s self-discovering journey and her experiences to encourage women on their journeys. Stahlke said, “I recommend this because it’s about women’s empowerment and unlearning society’s expectations.” 

Riya Virajpet, a freshman, is reading and recommends ‘Zero Days’ by Jan Gangsei. The book is about Addie Webster, a young girl who got kidnapped when she was eight years old and was later found when she was 16. Despite being the president’s daughter, Webster is supposedly working with a terrorist group against the government. Virajpet stated, “The book is very captivating with lots of action. It is also mysterious because we don’t know what side the main character is on.”

‘Chainsaw Man’ book cover 
Photo provided by Tracy Luong

Jocelyn Trieu suggests ‘Beasts and Beauty’ by Soman Chainani. Chanani’s latest book is a collection of twisted and dangerous versions of classic fairy tales. The tales include Little Red Riding, Cinderella, Snow White and others. Trieu said, “I’m a big fan of fairy tales. It gives off dark and magical energy, so I think it’s suitable as a Nov. read.” 

If you prefer graphic novels, Tracy Luong highly recommends the ‘Chainsaw Man’ series. The plot is about Denji, a boy who has to pay off his father’s debts by being a Devil Hunter. Denji was killed and revived as the Chainsaw Man, a devil-human hybrid. And the series follows his life with other Devil Hunters. Luong mentioned, “I love the art style. The story is complex, and the characters are unforgettable. It’s a perfect read for any month.”

Many movies are coming out this month, but screens aren’t the only place stories come to life. Whether you want a gripping mystery or an action-packed book, our reading list will keep you busy this chilly season

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