OP/ED: Marvel’s outstanding movie “Eternals” features more diversity and first deaf and gay superhero

The group of Eternals (Photo by Lara Agpoon)

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — On Nov. 5, 2021, Marvel released yet another comic based movie in theaters called “Eternals,” which featured more diversity, as well as the first deaf and LGBTQ couple.

The movie “Eternals” focuses on a group of 10 immortal beings: Thena, Ikaris, Sersi, Ajack, Gilgamesh, Druig, Kingo, Sprite, Makkari and Phastos who use their powers to fight off monsters known as deviants and save the world.

This superhero film actually meant more to me than any other superhero movie ever created. Growing up, I had to deal with not a lot of diverse characters in movies, TV shows and even toys. If there were people of color that so happened to be in TV shows and movies, they were most likely side characters who weren’t shown as much. Gemma Chan, Don Lee and Kumail Nanjiana did a wonderful job representing the Asain community. The other half of the Eternals, Salama Hayek, Lauren Ridloff and Brian Tyree Henry, represented the African American and Hispanic community.

Makkari, Lauren Ridloff, is the first deaf superhero to star in a Marvel film. In an interview with “The Source” she explains how happy she is to finally break down barriers and change the meaning of the word “deaf.” Ridloff also elaborated on getting the opportunity to play such a strong and powerful woman who has superhuman speed is truly a blessing. According to “Culture Crave”on Twitter, Ridloff also happened to increase the number of people who are learning ASL (American Sign Language) by 250%. 

As if this movie couldn’t get any better, Phastos, Brian Tyree Henry, plays the first gay superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When sitting in the theater watching Phastos and his husband kiss, I was over the moon. In this day and age, Marvel is finally representing the LGBTQ+ community. 

Although this movie might seem wonderful so far, several students from Silver Creek High School think otherwise. One of them being Anngelic De Leon. De Leon is a fellow sophomore who has recently watched this film. De Leon said, “To be honest it’s okay. I didn’t really find the movie interesting.” Another freshman however, saw the movie in another way. Emma Leonard said, “It was crazy. It changed the entirety of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) but it was so good. I loved it.” 

Overall, I am extremely proud of how far Marvel has come. Kids are now able to grow up with superheroes who represent different kinds of ethnicities and sexualities. I can’t wait to see what else Marvel has in store. 

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