Tebin Jung on COVID impacting education

By Naimat Davariar 

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Tebin Jung has gained a reputation as one of the coolest teachers in Silver Creek High School by helping students succeed in challenging COVID times. 

Jung came to this country not knowing a single word of English outside of “hello,” “yes” and “no.” His parents worked nonstop and he was left alone at 13 when his sister moved out of the house. It was Jung’s great teachers at school who provided him guidance and got him through some rough patches on the road. 

Public education is special to Jung because he can’t imagine where he would be without those teachers, going above and beyond to help him. Jung is on a journey to return the favor by becoming a teacher today and helping students especially during the pandemic.

Jung’s view on the pandemic impact on the education system has made everyone rethink their approach to education. The pandemic/Zoom era presented some unique challenges, especially regarding student engagement. Students’ shared classes were boring and they missed out on many skills that should have been learned. 

For Jung, it was incredibly difficult trying to come up with ideas that would motivate students to engage in online class while he would often stare into the void of turned off cameras. Speaking to colleagues regarding this obstacle made him really think about what is actually important to teach. Playing catch-up is always a bit challenging because he thinks students need to put in that much more work to get back where we need to be. 

Jung worries that Zoom classes will have a long lasting effect that would carry over to students’ college academics. He is optimistic and hopes that this past year does not negatively influence our students in their future academics. Jung said, “However, I also know that we have awesome students and teachers at Silver Creek and I think we will be okay!” 

If the education system gets hit with another pandemic, Jung will always be ready to do what needs to be done so the students receive the education they need. He doesn’t care if it’s over Zoom, in-person or on Mars. In his opinion, the teachers at Silver Creek High School are amazing and he has no doubts that together as a team they’re ready to commit to students’ success regardless of the circumstances. 

Other than being the coolest teacher, Jung is quite the adventurer. He has flown and hand-fed hawks before and according to him there’s nothing quite like having a winged predator flying right at you full speed. He doesn’t really want to keep visiting the same place over and over for a vacation. Vacation to him is more about adventure and learning than relaxation.

 When asked about his hobbies, Jung said, “Absolutely not. Teachers are robots and we cannot comprehend the concept of “fun.” Actually, that reminds me of that episode of “Star Trek” where Data is learning how to paint. Anyways, this robot’s hobbies include motorcycles, photography, playing music, traveling and playing video games.”

Mr. Jung giving a thumbs up with positivity.

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