Ruhy Soni, a natural born leader

By Ashley Nguyen, Sept. 22, 2021

SAN JOSE- Ruhy Soni is an all star student, carrying many accomplishments and dreams on her back while inspiring change through her community service. 

Getting older begs the question of how one wants to make their mark on the world. Working towards answering that question, Soni is an officer of the Silver Creek volunteer club, Interact. As an officer, Soni worked toward distributing hours to members and making events that better the community and motivating hundreds of members to do good by themselves every day. She is even more vividly seen as a positive role model in her club Social Activism, which she is the president of. In Social Activism, Soni leads in aspiring social change around campus and around the world. The club guides people from all different walks of life to use their voices to empower those around them. “I’m passionate because it keeps me going. If I love something, I want to give it 100%,” says Soni. 

Soni pictured posing under the sky. 
Photo Credit: Caitlin Nguyen

As many have, Soni’s lifestyle changed after the pandemic. She used to naturally be very social but now, she is drained from making various academic and social efforts in the beginning of the school year. It contributed to the difficulties of back-to-school life and getting back in the groove of things. To cope with the hard adjustments, Soni likes to make a to-do list for herself when she is overwhelmed. She says it makes her happy and satisfies her when she gets to check everything off. It sets her off on a good path for her day. 

Soni pictured with friend, foe and archenemy, Ashley Nguyen.
Photo Credit: Ashley Nguyen

It is coming up on Soni’s third year of high school. She says her dreams and aspirations are more realistic than they used to be. She now focuses on jobs that could fulfill her mentally and financially. Soni aims to go to the University of California, Santa Barbara or University of Michigan. She will be working towards becoming a social worker, using her outgoing and dependable personality in the real world. 

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