On My Block season 4 has been boiling my blood

By Yesenia Rocha

Spoiler alert: I’m letting you know in advance I’m going to spoil the show

Photo Caption: The cast of On My Block snapping a nice picture on the release date. 
Photo Credits: Yesenia Rocha 

SAN JOSE, CALIF.-  The group of four made a pact to never forget about each other and to stay friends. Eventually, though, those four friends chose different life paths and soon forgot about each other. However after a recent death, that involved everyone, was what brought them together once again. 

This show takes place in Los Angeles, but in the fictional neighborhood of Freeridge. It begins with Spooky (Julio Macias) who calls one of the members of their friend group, Ruby (Jason Genao) to let him know that the remains were found of the person they were an accessory to murder of. Spooky tells Ruby to let Jamal (Brett Gray), Monse (Sierra Capri) and Cesar (Diego Tinoco) know as well, because they were going to need the heads up incase authorities got involved or found out they were a part of it. But since the group hasn’t talked in two years, this turns out to be a big struggle. 

Spooky finally got out of the big Santos gang and was starting a family of his own, however, his hard-headed little brother Cesar was left to be the leader of the Santos. What gave me a headache was how Spooky desperately tried to get Cesar to leave the Santos gang and move to a different state with him. But while trying to do so, Spooky got shot and killed. Even before getting the chance to meet his unborn daughter, Mercedes Diaz. Tears were shed watching Spooky slowly die in his brother’s arms.What made this more upsetting and annoying was how they didn’t include who killed Spooky. He deserved better and the writers of the show should have let him at least meet his daughter. 

Ruby, Jamal, Monse and Cesar all got a letter that said “You can’t run from the past.” Desperately, they were trying to figure out who sent each of these letters. They thought the letter was sent by the hitmen of the lady they were an accessory to murder, which happened in season 3. We come to find out it was Ruby’s grandma (Peggy Blow), who everyone calls Abuelita on the show. Abuelita was the one who helped the group find the roller world money and helped them with whatever they needed. Roller world was $250,000 that was hidden by an old member of the Santos gang. Jamal came to realize that Abuelita had cancer and would die, this comes later in the show. Sadness was the only emotion shown when watching, because the two characters who carried the show died. 

The last thing that ruined the show was how Cesar had a new love interest, Vero (Nikki Rodriguez). Season four would have ended so great watching Cesar and Monse reunite their love after two years of being apart from each other. The way Vero was portrayed was very odd and she seemed like a stuck up person. People who act tough are very cringey and because of that for many people, she was their least favorite character. Freshman at Silver Creek high school, Andrea Alvarez stated, “She annoyed me because she was acting so tough when in reality when it came to her having a gun to her head she was scared and was asking Cesar to help her.” 

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