Silver Creek Men’s Water Polo team vs Gunderson

By: Naimat Davariar

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Water Polo rivalry at its best between Silver Creek Raiders versus the Gunderson Grizzlies on Oct 12, 2021.

Silver Creek’s water polo team went to Gunderson High School to fight for the win they have been wanting for a long time. These two schools have been big rivals every year. Every time they go head to head it gets intense and becomes a crazy but entertaining game. The whole crowd is on the edge of their seats ready for what is about to take place.

The first quarter begins and Gunderson already scores in the first minute from the five-meter line. However, Silver Creek boys didn’t have their heads down and were ready to bring it on. Out of nowhere, Joshua Gaspar lobs the ball across the pool to Johnny Pham. Who swims it down the line and scores for the Raiders. Teachers, parents, and teammates were hyped over the first goal. Number 13 for Gunderson, scored three times in the first quarter. One was from a penalty and the other two were from the outside position. Luis Gonzalez scores from set position  and right after that, Joseph Fridgen scores from wing position. The first quarter ended with three to the Raiders and four for the Grizzlies.

The second quarter didn’t look good for Silver Creek as they didn’t score at all in that quarter. Gunderson went off with six goals in one quarter, This was getting the Raiders a bit frustrated. Swimming up and down the pool constantly can lead to fatigue and that’s what was shown during that quarter. Silver Creek boys weren’t spaced out and were too jumbled up in the middle leaving openings. Coach Sunseri decided to take Joshua Gaspar out of goalie position for the Raiders and put Davariar in. The two switched positions and now will begin the third quarter with the hope of a comeback.

At this point, it wasn’t looking too good for either side. The Grizzlies scored one in the third quarter and Silver Creek was still yet to score. Both sides were extremely tired and both teams didn’t have many substitutes. The Raiders are down eight goals but are playing their hearts out. They weren’t able to get any good chances to shoot and were looking a little messy in the middle. With fouls happening left right and center every time. Gunderson was becoming more aggressive on Silver Creek and was really putting the pressure on them.

It came to the last quarter when Gonzalez scored another goal for Silver Creek and tried to keep the spirit alive. Gunderson answered right back and scored two more goals which sealed the game. The final score was four to thirteen with Gunderson victorious. After the game, Gonzalez said, “It was a tough game for us but we’re improving every time we play against another team and that is what matters.”

Luis Gonzalez after scoring his first goal for Silver Creek.
 (Photo credit: Jadyn Ayala)

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