Dhruva Chowlur: A beacon of support and example

SAN JOSE, CA ​​— Dhruva Chowlur, a senior at Silver Creek High School, has had nothing but constant acknowledgement for his support and reliability whether the setting is in academics, clubs or sports. He’s been able to provide help to so many people despite carrying his own fair share of work in his everyday life.

Chowlur helping out and providing insight to a Science Olympiad club member.
(Photo Credit: Christal Tran)

When it comes to first impressions, Chowlur would appear to be just like any other student walking around campus. He does not seem to be any different from other students, and he’s extremely approachable to everyone. There are people who naturally gravitate towards him whenever he is present. When someone finally gets to know Chowlur, it is often they notice how ready he is to help others. “I’m always there for others because nobody should feel alone I guess,” says Dhruva. It’s just part of his caring nature when it comes to making his school community a fun and loving environment. He could be casually assisting someone with homework, hustling his runs in cross country, or leading Science Olympiad club meetings as the president.

A lot of Chowlur’s cross country teammates had a great deal to say about him. “Dhruva is the kind of person to help you out when you’re at your lowest or when you just need someone to talk to, but he knows his limits and handles only what he can,” says Enrique Hernandez Tapia. Considering that Chowlur is such a down-to-earth person, it’s amazing how he is able to be so efficient when it comes to prioritizing his time for the people that need him. His teammates view him through his pleasant and comforting presence. “He is also one of the most creative people I know and his uniqueness makes him a very fun person to be around. For as long as I have known him, he has been kind and helpful to all those around him,” says Kevin Bui, Chowlur’s best friend.

In his free time, he likes to fold origami and read literally anything he can get his hands on. He lives by the slogan “You Only YOLO Live Once” which to him brings a meaning of all the memories he has compiled with all the people he cares for and cherishes in his school life.

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