Angelina Abuan: multitasker of the century

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Angelina Abuan is possibly one of the busiest people on campus at Silver Creek High School. Abuan is a part of six clubs and is an officer in four of those clubs– not an easy feat for anyone. Balancing loads of homework every night along with her life outside of school, she always has a lot on her plate.  

Abuan at home, taking a mirror selfie (Photo provided by Angelina Abuan)

The clubs that she is an officer in and spends most of her time on are UNICEF, Asian Culture Club and K-pop Club. Abuan is also in Key Club, Computer Science Club and Self Defense Club. 

“I’ve been interested in K-pop since the end of seventh grade and wanted to be a part of the club after watching Vicky Vo dance. A lot of people told me I should try out to be an officer and I thought it would be very fun,” Abuan said. Vicky Vo is a dancer who graduated in 2021 from Silver Creek, a previous officer in the K-pop club. Along with being a great dancer and officer, she established great friendships with the other members of K-pop Club. Inspiring future officers, like Abuan, to try and do the same.

Abuan expressed how she had to find a way to balance everything she does, struggling sometimes with keeping up with so much work. She expressed how those who inspire her daily make it all worth it. 

Abuan outside at a party (Photo provided by Abuan)

Her passion for what she does drives her forward, mentioning how she thinks it is important to have a strong motivation towards something. Having many different passions interests her, and inspires her to become more successful inside and outside of school.“I think it is very impressive when someone is entranced by something.”

Outside of school, she likes to dance and listen to music to relax. When she is feeling in the mood she also likes to draw and play video games along with hanging out with those who make her happy. 

Some pieces of advice she would give to underclassmen or those wanting to join clubs were to not stress about it. To try and take it easy and relax, do many activities but to not stress about committing to them all. The experience in itself is worth it—the most important thing is to have fun. “If you find yourself more stressed then it isn’t worth it and you should try to reevaluate what is good for you. It’s okay to admit you are struggling and ask for help.”Abuan’s ability to be such an amazing individual while managing all she does is inspiring to those who know her or anyone who has encountered her. 

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