Ariana Grande is starring on The Voice as a judge and fans are raging

SAN JOSE, CALIF.-The voice is now starring famous pop star, Ariana Grande, Grande has now taken the role of being a judge on the voice after Nick Jonas. Grande is mainly known for her career as an actor on the television channel Nickelodeon and her music. She will be starring in season 21 with Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton. Since joining the voice a hilarious clip of Grande and Legend surfacing. In a recent episode of “The Voice”  Grande hilariously interrupted  Legend by pushing her “thank you, next” button when he was trying to talk to a contestant about joining his team. 

Grande’s music career she is known for having a high register. Vocal Heath was one of the things she mentioned that was important to her and the contestants on her team. The contestants on Grande’s team will be given a vocal heath lunch box that will help Grande support her artist. So that they will have longevity and better vocal Heath while achieving their goal of winning. According to TALENTRECAP Grande has said that the lunch box consists of, manuka honey pops, vocal rest, steam & water.” the pop singer said on her Instagram. After a performance the first vocal health box was given to Katie Rae Mortimer. Mortimer was the first person to receive the care box. 

Credits to Jenny Le – Illustration of the outfit


Continuing on with her journey on the voice, Grande and the other judges have made an amazing performance cover of the song “Respect” by Aretha Franklin. Grande fans have been raging about this performance not just about her singing but about her outfit. A fan of the singer, Thu Doan, attending Silver Creek High school said, “it’s a cute outfit but very different from what people wear.” At the performance Grande wore a hot pink bustier, flare pants and a rhinestone cowboy hat. 

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