A Sneak Peek into Student-Teaching

By Andrew Yoshioka – Oct. 7, 2021

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Marmar Mirways is a new student-teacher this year at Silver Creek High School. To achieve her dream of becoming a full-time teacher, she currently resides here in D-8 to learn from other on-campus teachers.

Being a student-teacher wasn’t the first decision to come to Mirways’s mind but in present time, she’s happy with how things turned out. 

Ms. Mirways in her corner in D8.
Photo Credit: Andrew Yoshioka

It all started with the film 2007 “Freedom Writers,” a drama about a teacher inspiring her unmotivated students to learn. It connected with her and ultimately inspired Mirways to become a teacher to help people believe in themselves especially during high school. 

From then on was the journey. A lot of work came into becoming a student-teacher here at Silver Creek. Mirways ended up majoring in English and acquiring many credentials before finally being assigned by San Jose State to come to the Silver Creek campus. While her parents were never the most supportive of this job, thinking she should get a more money fulfilling job, Mirways thought it was most important to do something she found fun for a living.

Luckily for her, she’s having a pleasant time here on the Silver Creek campus. With actual in-person experience she’s learning many different styles of teaching in many different classes, although usually being helped by Ms. Newray in D8. She has a goal in mind too. She would like to become a full-time teacher here teaching English or ELD.

Outside of school, she’s usually working on college work but enjoys spending time with her cat, painting and reading audio books. She enjoys making her mom and cat happy. 

One piece of advice from Mirways is that “Failure is always an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.” Growth is always an option for those who are willing to improve. If it wasn’t for that, she would not have gotten this far.

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