What Is Up With Our Bathroom?

By Stephanie Gonzalez

SAN JOSE– By now, at least everyone has been irritated by the bathroom issues. As students know the “devious lick” trend started on TikTok and has spread across the country. This fact does not validate the actions that have been made. Stealing all the soap, stealing the toilet paper, trash on the floor, in girls restrooms there’s been used period products in the toilet. Although there have been a lot of freshmen, sophomores and a few juniors, it has gone on too long. Yes it had started out kind of funny, majority thought it was, but two weeks?! That seems excessive, doesn’t it?

But it’s not totally the students’ fault; the staff on campus (the janitors and administration) have closed three out of the five bathrooms on campus because they’re “out of order” when in reality they just don’t want more bathrooms being trashed. What they did not think about when doing this is that they’re leaving two bathrooms for the entire school. One bathroom has only two stalls, in both the mens and womens, and the other bathroom is most likely only open for the Special Ed students.

Brianna Holmes, a current student at Silver Creek expressed her feelings on this topic. “While I understand the reasoning behind it [shutting down most of the bathrooms] from the staff’s perspective, having only a few stalls open with sometimes no toilet paper or soap for everyone in the school to share is not an effective solution. Lines can get so long that people can be late or miss their opportunity to eat during break. On top of that many teachers do not let students use the bathroom in class anymore, which is a right that should never be taken away. Students are not always able to go [bathroom] on a schedule and for students with periods this can be especially problematic. Every student should not be punished for the actions of a few students.”

Parents are getting just as frustrated. There needs to be a solution to this but it won’t happen if people stay quiet about it. Finally earlier this week our principal Ms. Daughtery made a school announcement on the loudspeaker addressing this. Look back at it and ask yourself if you think people are going to change their actions going on. Use your voice and speak up about these issues on YOUR school campus.

Two of the locked bathrooms with the “Out of order” signs. 

Photo Credit: Stephanie Gonzalez 

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