Injury prone 49ers falling below expectations early in the season

SAN JOSE- Once again, the San Francisco 49ers have been hit with a plague of injuries early in the season. Despite all of these troubles, the 49ers have gotten off to a mediocre 2-2 start, with their wins against the Detroit Lions and Philadelphia Eagles. 

San Francisco’s graveyard of running backs continued as the top four halfbacks on the 49ers depth chart got injured in the first two weeks. In week one, Raheem Mostert suffered a season ending knee injury, which was a big hit to the 49ers team. In the second week, two more running backs got roughed up. Trey Sermon and  JaMychal Hasty are both out for at least three weeks. Out of 16 students, 62.5% thought that the 49ers will make the playoffs, even with all the injuries.

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has started a lot of controversy, with his lackluster performance and his injury that occured on Week 4. Here’s what has to say about getting banged up, “Tweaked the calf. It hurt initially. I thought I’d keep trying, keep trying to go and it just kept getting worse and worse, traveling down to the Achilles a little bit. But we’ll get more information tomorrow with an MRI and everything. Hoping for the best right now,” according to Niners fans are hoping that the MRI will come back clean, but they do not know what the future is looking like for the 49ers quarterback. 

There is some hope in the backfield for the 49ers, with rookies Trey Lance and Elijah Mitchell both with outstanding potential. After Garoppolo’s injury that occured in the first half, Lance got to take his chance at QB for the 49ers, and it received mixed reactions from his teammates and the fans. He got off to a slow start in the 3rd quarter of Week 4, but he turned things up in the 4th quarter and ended the game with a 50% completion rate, passing for 157 yards and two touchdowns.

In the Niners first game of the season, their defense flourished for most of the game, until they reached the last few minutes of the game. The 49ers held a 41-17 lead going into the last three minutes of the wild contest. Then, the Niners fell apart. After two touchdowns by the Lions In under a minute, the Niners received the ball back. After 2 short rushes with breakout player Elijah Mitchell, pandemonium started. 

Garoppolo threw a bullet to Deebo Samuel, which Samuel caught for 11 yards. Then at the end of the play, Lions linebacker Trey Flowers punched the ball loose. The ball hit the ground and was picked up by Ifeatu Melifonwu for a fumble return of 5 yards. Just like that, the Lions were set up with a one score game, on the 30 yard line and with 40 seconds left on the clock. Sadly for Detroit, they weren’t able to break the plane, and ended up losing 41-33 after turning the ball over on downs. 

After Week 1, the 49ers offense started to fall off, getting shut down by the Eagles, Seahawks and Packers. Fans bearing the red and gold are hoping that the Niners can bounce back, sooner than later.

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