16 Iconic Halloween Costumes For Students

A skeleton with an open mouth and arms near its head. Photo Credits: Sabina Music Rich from Unsplash

By: Thu Nguyen

Date: Oct. 7, 2021

SAN JOSE, CALIF- With Halloween approaching next month, here are 16 iconic Halloween costumes for students to wear. Dressing up as unique and funny Halloween costumes are the key to celebrating this holiday. The only dilemma some might face is coming up with ideas. 

For couples, here are a few proposals if dressing up as iconic film characters is your desire. A great idea is Emily and Victor from “Corpse Bride.” The characters’ outfits are eerie, making it perfect for a spooky Halloween costume. 

Another film that you could draw great inspiration from is the Netflix show “End of the f world.” Alyssa and James are two great people that some couples could dress up as. The show was quite popular a few years ago and many were big fans of the vibe the couple gives off. 

If the spooky vibe is what you’re going for, Mavis and Jonathan from “Hotel Transylvania” is totally a fantastic idea. Chucky and Tiffany from “Child’s Play” would also be another great recommendation if you’re more into horror.

Chucky and his girlfriend Tiffany next to each other. Photo credits: mattdork from Flickr

For groups, the popular rising TV series “Twilight” has some influential characters. If you have a group of three, Edward, Jacob and Bella might be some characters that fit for you. This movie series has surged in popularity again after once being a hit show in the early 2000s. 

If you would prefer to go for a humor factor, attire that might be hilarious is a group of pigs. If you would rather choose another option, a group of elderly ladies and gentlemen is also pretty funny. If you’d rather take the other side, a group of babies would be extremely amusing. In addition, if your friend group is big, choosing the attire of teletubbies would be perfect. 

A group of teletubbies. Photo Credits: Leo Reynolds from Flickr

If you are choosing to dress up alone for this holiday alone, there are also ideas that might be for you. An individual that has blown up on the internet recently, especially on Tiktok, is the berries and cream guy. With a bob and an old Victorian outfit, this array of fashion is certainly peculiar. 

Other popular and iconic options are the Joker and Cruella de Ville. These Halloween outfits have been very trendy as you can certainly find one in almost any Halloween stores nearby. 

A comic option students can choose is Poison Ivy. Her character is easily recognizable and definitely unique so you won’t be mistaken for another fictional person.

 If you would prefer to head in a mythology route, Medusa is definitely an individual you should look into. Her hair is very sleek and distinctive. 

If humor is your go, perhaps you could try going as Adam Sandler or a ghost. Both of these characters are very easy to dress up as and would not require one to buy a whole costume that you would only wear for a single event. 

Coming up with quirky costumes is definitely tough for some, and sometimes all you need is a spark of inspiration. Hopefully these ideas were helpful on what attire you should fit yourself with this spooky holiday season. 

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