Memorable Met Gala looks of 2021

SAN JOSE CALIF. – The Met Gala has reopened on Sept. 13, 2021 in N.Y. meaning crazy yet stylish outfits were worn by celebrities while walking the red carpet.

On Monday, Sept. 13, 15 million people tuned in on Vogue’s website to watch actors, singers and influencers walk the red carpet wearing outfits that represented the theme “America: A Lexicon of Fashion.” The theme honors American designers, cultural, political and social events. 

All the outfits were custom made by fashion companies like Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton.  Fashion companies went out of their way to create unique outfits for celebrities to rock the red carpet. 

Here listed are the memorable outfits that celebrities wore to the Met Gala.

AOC in tax the rich dress. Photo by Lara Agpoon

AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is a politician who showed up to the Met Gala wearing a controversial statement that says, “Tax the Rich” in big bold letters on her dress. AOC thinks that the Gala is the perfect place to make conversations about the communities that were from geography class, race, present events and climate change. AOC took this opportunity to send a message to kids who aren’t that fortunate that they belong everywhere. AOC worked with Aurora, who is a black female designer. Aurora worked on the 15 pledge and she managed to get black owned businesses shelf space. 

Kim Kardashian in all black. Photo by Lara Agpoon 

Kim Kardashian shocked the internet by wearing nothing, but a head to toe black bodysuit claiming that nothing is more American than a T-shirt head to toe. 

Lil Nas X with three outfits in one. Photo by Lara Agpoon

Lil Nas X worked side by side with Versace to create three unique outfits in one transformation. The first outfit was a large robe, underneath was a shiny gold metallic armour. For the third and final outfit change it was a black and gold bodysuit.

Frank Ocean with his robot baby. Photo by Lara Agpoon

Frank Ocean attended the Met Gala with something different. Ocean decided to shake things up a bit by bringing an animatronic baby with him. When asked the question, “The theme is “in America.” What does that mean to you when it comes to fashion?” Ocean responded with “I think it’s all going through one stream now so…I do see fashion and getting ourselves together as like a thing that’s influenced by the world, but in America it’s the same. I feel like we do kind of set some trends, you know in general. Especially in music.”

Grimes “Dune” inspired look. Photo by Lara Agpoon

Grimes attended the Met Gala wearing a dress by one of her favorite designers, Iris van Herpen. Grimes stated, “She studied architecture beforehand and she does a lot of generative stuff and she’s pushing the boundaries of beauty.” Grimes was inspired by the sci-fi novel and movie “Dune.”  Along with the dress, she wore a Chris Habana mask paired with metal elf ears.

After reviewing the most memorable outfits of 2021, I’ve asked my fellow peer, Darya Arabian, what her favorite look of the night was.  Arabian responded with, “Definitely Kendall’s. I loved the design of the dress.  Her Met Gala looks always make me look forward to watching the Met Gala.”  

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