The Inside Look Of Silver Creek’s Folklorico Dancers 

By: Alexia Torres Camino 

SAN JOSE-On Thursday, Sept.16,2021 Silver Creeks Folklorico Dance Group performed at Oakmont of Silver Creek at 3 p.m. for the very first time since the distance learning. Folklorico is a form of dance that comes from Mexican culture. It expresses the life and spirit of people throughout this highly movement dance.

President Arianna Cisneros, grade 12 at Silver Creek, said, 

“I help regulate the students, I’m also the mediator who runs lunch club meetings and makes sure everybody knows what they’re doing and has everything.” 

Cisneros stated “We make sure everyone has their moment to shine.”

Destiny Moreno, grade 10 and the Folklorico’s group publicist, said something that stood out when tasked why she decided to join this dance group.

“It’s my culture, it’s in my blood I ended up falling in love with it.”

Observing well these performers handled the crowd and being so passionate while dancing was astonishing. When asked some dancers how they felt after performing. 

Nancy Barragon Escobar, grade 10, said,

“I feel great, this was a cool experience. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do so I feel very accomplished.”

Lesley Garcia Torres, grade 9, said,

“I was nervous but mostly excited having the opportunity to dance with my friends and now relieved.’’

Jade Panuco, grade 9, stated,

“Relieved, tired, happy to be here dancing since I didn’t get to do it last year, happy to be back. This group is filled with energy and fun to be around with.”

What does Panuco say to people who are interested in joining this dance group?

“ Go For It! Once you get the hang of certain dances the rest is easy. Don’t be scared to try new things because when I first tried I was very skeptical but I ended up loving it. Soon enough it became my favorite thing to do at school, sure before you perform it’s scary but when you see everyone smiling at you and enjoying the dances it’s a really good feeling.”

These dancers are extremely sophisticated and very skilled. Their love for performing and dancing brings the stage alive with them. Credits to Lydia Martinez a Silver Creek Teacher who oversees that Folklorico dancers and Otila Torres who choreographs these amazing dancers.

For more information about performances and updates, visit Silver Creeks Folklorico Instagram   

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