Club Rush Week Starts Off with a Bang at Silver Creek’s X-Quad

SAN JOSE, CA — Just this week, Tuesday, Sept. 21, the long-awaited Club Rush week kicked off at the X-Quad where clubs set up their booths and students swarm to sign up. The duration of the Club Rush continues through the week showcasing a variety of club performances and clubs. All photos were taken by Christal Tran and Lauren Vo.

Day 1: Club officers making their way out to the X-Quad lawn to set up.
Day 1: UNICEF officers setting up their own booth at the table.
Day 1: Brandon carrying Minh on his shoulders to wave the flag of Interact Club.
Day 2: Senior Angela Huynh posing with her balloons and District 12 South staff for Key Club.
Day 3: Red Cross Club officers posing with their Instagram frame cutout and staff.
Day 3: Students heading back to their classes as the last day of Club Rush officially wraps up.

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