Michael Luu on “The Rule of Diminishing Returns”

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Senior Michael Luu has grown to amass a reputation as an all-star student: expert at managing his time and juggling multiple extracurriculars.

Luu’s interests vary from business to sports and beyond. As vice president of FBLA, Future Business Leaders of America at Creek, Luu helps organize club activities, spirit days, meetings, and shares his knowledge with other club members also keen to the inner workings of business techniques. He aspires to own his own dentist office, wanting to reach a place in life where he can earn money “smart” rather than overworking himself for the minimum.

Luu pictured sporting FBLA merchandise.

Other activities Luu partakes in include Interact club, National Honor Society, Be the Change club, and boy’s tennis. Luu’s schedule may seem daunting as a result of these club demands, but he handles it all using “The Rule of Diminishing Returns.” He explains, “I live mostly by The Rule of Diminishing Returns, which means the more effort you put into something, the less improvements you get.” Essentially, this lifestyle suggests to allocate efforts to a variety of activities “opposed to working on the same thing.” This way, improvements are spread out and tangible. Luu continues, “My proudest accomplishment is my work/life balance. I think I have a good balance between academic things and friends.”

When Luu isn’t working on his latest projects, he spends his free time with friends. He cares greatly for his friends – a large part of why he joined FBLA was to support Jennifer La, a longtime friend, as a second-in-command. Who Luu is today is greatly a result of his friendships. “The struggles that have shaped me the most are issues with my friends and learning what type of people I get along with.” His passions also lie in his friendships. He says, “I enjoy meeting new people and expanding my social circle.”

Luu pictured with his friend, Anisa Majhi.

Luu’s ability to be productive whilst maintaining his friendships is awe-inspiring.

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