Why I Took Journalism

Why I took Journalism

It’s sad to say that at the beginning of the school year, I did not want to be in Journalism. I was actually assigned to Journalism, but I’ve grown to appreciate and love this class. Now I truly enjoy every bit of Journalism, even when it gets hard. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone.

It’s really important to know what’s going on in our community and the world. Journalism does exactly that. It takes you out of your own little world, and it opens your mind. Not only do you write a lot in Journalism, but you also read and absorb a lot of information. You learn so much about what’s happening where, and why it is significant. Journalism definitely broadens your mind and expands your horizons. It lets you know that there is so much to life, beyond East Side San Jose.  Furthermore, Journalism has broadened my mind to the news and media work field. I can turn on the news and understand certain tactics that these news reporters use, thanks to Journalism.

I’m a person who cares and believes in my community; I like to stay in tune with what’s happening and want to bring awareness to others in the community. Journalism is a platform for me and others to speak about issues that matter to the betterment of our community. 

I know that I’m a very passionate person. I also know that I love to write. So Journalism was intended to be. It’s awesome how we can write about literally anything that’s on our mind in Journalism. We can write about our favorite artist or food, all the way to important social issues.

Although I have a hard time expressing myself, it’s satisfying to create a writing piece out of the initial complex thoughts I put on paper. Sharing my hard work with others makes me happy.

Journalism is an outlet for me and for many other young people to have a voice. A journalist can write about anything that they are passionate about. You can write about whatever you are feeling and whatever is on your mind. Journalism as a class allows a younger generation to express our perspectives and bring new ideas. We can write about our own stories and experiences. And those writings hold the power to make a difference. 

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