Why I Took Journalism

Journalism has been a nice experience this year. At the beginning I got Journalism not by choice but because there was nothing else to pick as an elective. I even called my Counselor to try to change my class, however I couldn’t so I had to keep it. I was scared, nervous and did not know what to expect. In the first weeks of Journalism I learned that it wasn’t just a writing type of class, there were other things you could do. I learned that Journalism has different categories. One of the categories was Cartoonist/Drawing, which was the one I chose. Even though I chose this I was still a bit nervous because I didn’t really know if it was something I could be good at. As time went by I started to get the hang of things and enjoyed the class. This was thanks to the students and teacher for making me feel comfortable expressing myself with my drawings and showing them that I could improve. Journalism has taught me that even though you might believe you’re not good at something with the support of our friends, students, and teachers you can achieve something you never knew you could do. Overall I would recommend this class to other students because you can uncover a skill you thought you never had, just like I did 🙂 .

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