Why I Took Journalism

Hello, my name is Jenny a freshman at Silver Creek, and here’s why I took journalism. During middle school, I had trouble expressing the way I felt about things. I was going through and journalism was something that helped me. So when I saw that they had this class at Silver Creek high school I was ready to dive further into the subject. Whenever I do an assignment in this class I know that I won’t ever be stressed. The reason behind that is we have stretchy due dates and editors to help you improve your article. Not only that but if you have any questions or you need someone to talk to, Ms. Newray is going to be there to help.

One quality that I love about this class is the time that we get to work on our articles. Most of the time students are expected to do work after school. But when I am in this class I can reflect on my mistakes and fix them while in class. It feels like a safe place and I’ve learned a lot in this class. Since I have time to work in class I don’t have to worry about not having time to write my article. Since this class is an elective, there are seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. This allows you to get feedback from various people. During my time in this class, I have met many friendly editors that have helped me on many levels. I was also super surprised that you can write about anything that fits your interest. Like entertainment, features, sports, HOSC, cartoons, podcasts, photos, and news. As you can see there is a very open variety that you can write about and so you can add your twist to it.

credits to searchenginejournal

If you are looking forward to signing up for journalism next year I encourage you to do so. This class is stress-free with stretchy due dates. It’s a great class that can help you if you want to improve your writing and punctuation for future classes. Ms.Newray will welcome you to the class and walk you through everything you need to know about journalism.

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