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Tiffany’s Top 10 Songs

Summer is here and everyone deserves to enjoy wonderful music to get them through the morning, night, and planned or unplanned journeys they want to complete over the break. This is my Top 10 Playlist of songs I enjoy and like based on my personal opinion. There will also be a link to the playlist included at the end of this article—just in case you want to add the songs into your own playlist!

Photo in courtesy of PULP Live World
  1. Jackson Wang – LMLY (Leave Me Loving You)

This song is super addicting with a sort of 80’s vibe to it and the chorus is very catchy. I listen to this song on repeat at least five times or more a day!

Photo in courtesy of American Songwriter
  1. Cody Fry – I Hear a Symphony 

Although this song can be very short with a pause of only instrumentals, it’s very heartwarming and makes you feel like you’re a princess or prince during the medieval times. It’s also super calming and has an uplifting second verse.

Photo in courtesy of The Kraze
  1. Hoshi – Spider 

Another addicting song with a unique instrumental and an awesome dance. Each line in the song has its own special take and compliments each other so that there’s no line that stands out alone

Photo in courtesy of Kpopmap
  1. StayC – ASAP

This song is so cute and fun to dance to! The chorus can be played on repeat and I will never get bored of it. If I ever felt unenergetic, I just play this song and suddenly my energy is recharged. The music video showcases a colorful, pastel comic-like concept with high-pitched vocals paralleled by a deep-pitched rap. 

Photo in courtesy of Soompi
  1. Sejeong – Whale

An underrated song and artist, Sejeong’s Whale lyrics are emotional yet the song sounds happy. In my opinion, I believe the song is about losing oneself and trying to find the old-self that was once happy and hopeful, something I can relate to. 

Photo in courtesy of Zapzee
  1. Sejeong – Skyline 

Another song by Sejeong because she’s an amazing artist, her song Skyline is one of my favorites because there is a high-note she hits that amazes me everytime I hear it. I listen to this song almost every morning just to get me started on the day.  

Photo in courtesy of NME
  1. Doja Cat ft. SZA – Kiss Me More 

Of course, I cannot forget one of the top hit songs recently by Doja Cat featuring SZA that sounds pleasant and upbeat. Starting off with a gratifying piano melody and soft vocals along with SZA’s rap part. This song will surely be played on repeat in the summer. 

Photo in courtesy of Twitter
  1. Bibi – KAZINO 

Occasionally, I enjoy listening to Korean pop, indie, and alternative writer/singer Bibi. Her music all have different tones to them that I enjoy, but at the same time, they give out a vibe that pertains uniquely to her as an artist. 

Photo in courtesy of The Kraze
  1. Onewe ft. Hwasa – Q

A different song that I personally enjoy is played by the rock band, Onewe featuring Hwasa. The song is super chill with parts that have a mix of rap-singing that sounds soft and relaxing, which is ironic considering they’re a rock band. 

Photo in courtesy of VLive
  1. Chung Ha, Christopher – Bad Boy 

This song deserves a spot on the radio! Like any pop song, it has a catchy chorus and both the voices of Chungha and Christopher really compliment each other. Although Chungha is known to be a Korean artist, this song is entirely in English in collaboration with a Danish artist, Christopher. 

  If you would like to hear these songs for yourself, click here to see the playlist:

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