Class of 2021

Senior Staff: Nhi Huynh

This is Nhi’s first year in journalism and last year at Silver Creek so I really wanted to sit down and have a chat with her. To be honest, she and I have known each other from afar for a very long time and I really loved getting to know her even a tiny bit more this year. She’s Vice President of both K-Pop and Poetry club, as well as a member of National Honor Society and Interact. 

If someone asked what you did in journalism, what would you say? 

I pretty much just wrote a lot of articles, I did a lot of research and a lot more writing than usual–mostly just publishing articles. 

Is there anything you wish you could’ve done differently?

I mean I’ve definitely contemplated being an editor, but I think overall I’m really happy with my job because it gave me motivation to write and practice writing [about] what I like. I really don’t regret my position.

Why did you join journalism? 

Okay, the honest reason why I joined journalism was mostly because I wanted to escape AP Stats but also because of Lucy, our Co-Editor in Chief, who convinced me to join. And you know, I like writing so this seemed nice and fun and I definitely don’t regret taking this class. 

Is it better than you thought it would be? 

I mean definitely–I was a little worried about meeting deadlines and being able to produce so many articles. And what was important was that writing came easy when it was a topic I like and made sure to make time. 

What did you like most about taking journalism? 

I kind of liked the freedom of being able to write whatever [I] wanted, and of course the editing process because it was constructive criticism on my writing that I’ve never received before. 

What was it like to start journalism as it was your last year in high school? 

I had no idea what really was going to happen, and it was still good though. And if I was a junior I might have joined again and it was interesting to see how Ms.Newray started new with all of us. 

What was the highlight of your senior year? Considering that we were in Distance Learning the whole year? 

Obviously we were in a pandemic and when we got vaccinated I got to see my friends which made me happy and being Vice President of K-Pop club was a lot of fun with performances and creating merch which was fun. As well as to interact and lean on the community during this time helped a lot. 

Is there anything that you wish you could’ve done? 

Oh definitely, yeah, I really missed non-fire and F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.S and really do love performing. More K-Pop performances could’ve been great and K-Pop club really does mean a lot to me, so I would’ve been grateful for that performance. And I skipped out on homecoming all three years because I figured I would go to it senior year and then Prom of course. Oh and my friends and I planned a senior trip to South Korea, we were working and saving up for it and everything. 

Any words of advice for someone new to journalism? 

Don’t worry about it too much. Everyone is really helpful. The class is pretty chill but it can easily pile up if you aren’t careful, but it’s a great class so enjoy it! 

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