Class of 2021

My top 10 personal songs in High School

Here is what I consider my top 10 personal songs in High School. The list itself contains a mixture of songs. Songs that I use for motivation and uplifting my mood. Songs that I consider very unique and a nice break from the mediocrity of popular music. Songs that are very relaxing and useful to listen to when you are very stressed.

  1. Ocean Drive-Miami Nights 1984
(imagine courtesy of

This song for me is unique as it is the anything song. It’s great for working out, de-stressing, and hiking. It’s also a great song as an introduction to synthwave, a type of genre in electronic music.

2. Resonance- Home

(imagine courtesy of

This song for me is another unique song because of the beat of the song. The beat of the song triggers this sense of nostalgia of my best moments during my childhood. I miss the days when we don’t have to stress over grades and growing up,This song allows me to relive them.

3. Digital Love- Daft Punk

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This is another unique song because of the beat once again. The beat of the song is interesting.  The beat is a rollercoaster starting out relaxing and warm and building up to one epic drop before descending to the relaxing and warm beat the song started with. 

4. Fun tonight- Macross 82-99

(imagine courtesy of

Macross 82-99 is a great song for getting yourself introduced to future funk, another genre of electronic music. It’s a cheery song. I use it to help get my mood up when I’m feeling down.

5. I Could be the One- Avicii vs Nicky Romero

(imagine courtesy of

The combination of the music video and song itself is why this song is on the list. It’s a very educational music video on what it’s like to be as a grown-up and why you have to take into consideration job satisfaction. This wacky combination of music video along with its educational message inspires me to pursue a job that I would be passionate about and could work everyday.

6. The Fighter- Gym Class Heroes

(imagine courtesy of

I discovered this song through a Minecraft parody. I personally like this song because of the underdog feel it has. The song also is inspirational to me because it tells me to get back up and fight when I suffered a defeat like getting a bad grade on a test.

7. Disco Type Beat- Billy Marchiafava

(imagine courtesy of

I listened to this song when the pandemic first began to hit. The song itself has a very relaxing beat helping me get through the uncertainty and anxiety of the pandemic telling me not to worry.

8. Voyager-Daft Punk

(imagine courtesy of

This is a great song to listen to while you’re driving. The beat itself is very calming, and there are no lyrics to distract you from the road. Nothing but the beat.

9. Midnight City-M83

(imagine courtesy of

This song evokes a sense of nostalgia when you are listening to it, but not a strong one like the other songs on the list. It also has a very calming beat as well.

10. Fight Song- Rachel Platten

(imagine courtesy of

I choose this song because it’s great for motivating you to do something. The song starts out as very gloomy, but then it starts to become more uplifting and optimistic. Great for motivating you to finish a project like a final for journalism or pushing you to challenge yourself when working out. 

Here is the link to my playlist.

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