Class of 2021

My Top 10 High School Memories

Top 10 High School Memories 

  1. Remeeting one of my best friends

Once I graduated Elementary School, I never thought I’d talk to my best friend ever again. But when freshman year came, I mustered up the courage to say to someone I recognized but haven’t talked to in two years. I would have never expected this person to become my best and longest known friend once again.

  1. Making the badminton team

Making the badminton team was one of my biggest accomplishments, but I did not know so many fun moments would come along with making the team. This was the start of a whole new journey on meeting new friends.

  1. Making Varsity

Making the badminton team meant a lot to me, but making varsity meant even more. Varsity proved that I had worked so hard for the past two or three years to improve my skills and fight for the school to win league. 

  1.  Art Summer School

Art has always been a big part of my life so being able to take my art class to better improve my skills meant the world to me. Additionally, I had one of my closest friends in my class so not only could I have fun, but also work hard to improve my skills.

  1. Homecoming

Homecoming was one of the most memorable moments I had during High school. I was able to dress nice and at the same time take the cutest pictures with my friends. It meant a lot to me to have all my friends gather together to spend the day.

  1. Fantastic

Fantastics was such an amazing experience. I loved enjoying the shows and looking at all the thought and hard work the classes put into the projects. Going to this event with my friends meant I could again create another important memory with them. 

  1. Senior Posters

I did not have a solid group my freshman year of high school, but during every badminton season, the underclassmen gather together to work on senior posters. This was a fun experience and helped me get to know everyone better. Because of these moments, I was able to get even closer to all of the different classes and the team itself. 

  1. Pillow Cases

Me and one of my close friends went to make pillows for a club and even though it was a small event it meant a lot to me. It was fun and relaxing to talk about anything while doing a nice sweet craft. It really helped me relax and enjoy my lunch.

  1. Movies

Me and a close friend of mine went to the movies and watched one of my favorite movies to this day. It was a nice memory and I wish it had lasted longer. Though I am graduating this year and will not be seeing that friend as often anymore, I hope that we can still stay in contact. 

  1. Graduation Hat

I had not put a lot of thought into what I will be doing after graduation and have been stressing about it for a while. But after working on decorating my graduation hat, I started to remember all of the fun moments I had in high school. Though this project was done alone, it was nice to reminisce about my high school career.

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