Class of 2021

Coming of Age

Tongue Tied – Grouplove

It’s a sunny weekend morning when my friends and I spontaneously hop in a jeep to ride down to the beach. Hood down, hair loose, wind blowing, we feel happy and free. This is life before adulthood is forced upon us for the rest of our lives. This is the teenage summer I wish I could’ve had.


Time flew before our eyes and it’s sundown at the beach. Sunrise long forgotten, the West Coast sunset is unbeatable by even its own self. Happiness calmed down like the adrenaline in our veins, our blood is now filled with desperation. Desperation to hold on to the last of our adolescence.

Psycho – Red Velvet

Summer isn’t over yet, not even close, but the bliss has dissipated. All that’s left over is confusion and a pinch of hope. Enough to keep us awake, but we’re barely alive anyways. Who knows how it happened, but it doesn’t matter when we’re driving each other crazy. We’re absolutely psychotic.

Sofia – Clairo

Now we know what drove us crazy, it was the parasite of regret. Second guessing ourselves, trying to forget what we did and how we felt; but why? We’re not criminals, we committed no crime. Alas, it’s easy to forget that prioritizing yourself, loving yourself, is now a crime.

feel something – Bea Miller

That bit they teach us in psychology, learned helplessness, is far too glossed over. A couple vocabulary words and esteemed names will never be able to capture or demonstrate what it looks like. But who needs all that when you experience what it feels like, everyday, forever. Learned numbness.

California – Chappell Roan

We might not be criminals, yet we’re still trapped. Inside our bodies, our minds, our hearts. We’ve done so much to get where we are, but where exactly are we? Do we want to be here? Is it too late to regret it? The path behind us has long since eroded, and now the path in front of us is too.


We’ve let too much time fly by us again, the anesthesia of reality has kicked in. We’ve finally stopped dragging our bodies, minds, and hearts onward. We’re not going anywhere, yet we feel higher than we’ve ever been. They say we’ve shut down but I feel more alive than ever. I feel more than ever.

Ribs – Lorde

Who cares about wasted time anymore? Time is not wasted if there is purpose to how you spend it. We can finally see what’s been right next to us all this time. If we don’t look now, we will never be able to. The future can wait and the past can rest, I exist now.

Wonder – Shawn Mendes

It feels so foreign to see yourself as you are now. Not who you were, not who you will be. What does your hair look like? Your eyes? Your clothes? Do you like what you see? Are you proud of what you see? Regret and helplessness seem like ancient subject matter. Now is the time for curiosity.

Easy – Camila Cabello

You’ve made it this far, no more grief, no more sorrow, none of it. You’ve felt everything but love. What is love? Why do you love? How do you love? Who do you love? Is it finally yourself? It’s heaven on Earth when you let yourself enjoy it, so enjoy it. Some of us could only dream.

The Night Is Still Young – Nicki MinajHeaven on Earth means you get the first glimpse of the moon. Its warmth embraces you. Nothing is less scary than letting the stars guide you. They were here before you, and they’ll be here after you. You don’t need to catch up with life, life needs to catch up with you. You were born to live.

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