Class of 2021, Jordan Nguyen, a Senior, Soon to be Taking His Next Step

Jordan Nguyen, senior at Silver Creek

Jordan Nguyen is currently a senior who has many goals, and manages to juggle school, sports, and a social life. He says that his experience throughout high school was mostly positive, although he did have a lot of downs. He managed to combat those rough times by creating good memories through friends. “I definitely had challenges when putting myself out there, I only recently burst out of my bubble but I wished I’d done that sooner,” said Jordan. His hardest year of high school had to have been sophomore year. He explained that, “I was still finding myself as a person and learning how to appreciate myself and the others around me. Aside from academic work, mentally, sophomore year was the hardest for me.”

As a senior, Jordan wants to share his experience with his fellow classmates and give tips. Jordan’s main advice for underclassmen would be to “definitely put yourself out there more, don’t be scared to face rejection and failure. Remember to have fun in school as well as keeping up on your academics, keep a small circle of friends and it’ll be more clear to you in the future.” 

Jordan with a group of friends at the beach

His favorite moments of high school were spending time with friends. Silver Creek usually holds many events annually where many people will get together and have fun. “It really helped me cherish the time I have left at Silver Creek and it made me not take any good memories here for granted cause high school only happens once in your life.” said Jordan. The highlight of his high school year would be his senior year. It’s his final season of badminton and this year he just got his license and has a brand new car. “Life is good right now and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else!” exclaimed Jordan.

Jordan along with his badminton team and friends

He found school to be manageable but awfully stressful at times. It took him about four years to finally be able to balance school, extracurriculars, and his social life. A bad habit he developed was messing up his sleep schedule from staying up to late, whether that be from studying or playing games. 

Senior year finds itself to be challenging because each morning when he wakes up he doesn’t want to go to class. It gets more difficult for him to complete tasks because all he wants to do is go out with friends and live his life. “Senioritis is a mental block for most seniors that only want to go out and live their lives. They gave up on school and are only doing the bare minimum to pass.” said Jordan, which is something he relates to. He believes it’s different for everyone because everyone deals with stress in different ways. Whether that be skipping homework, sleeping through class, or going out with friends and forgetting about their responsibilities.

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