An interview with Yash

Fnu Yash is a sophomore attending Silver Creek, and he enjoys gaming, computing, coding, and reading. A fascinating aspect about him is he only has one name which is Yash. When he received a visa, he needed a last name and first name but instead, they put in FNU as his first name. FNU stands for First Name Unknown. Yash was going to be his first name but it ended up being his last name because it got mixed up. Yash moved to America when he was in fourth grade and after that he went to middle school. He made several friends but moved schools. Ever since he’s been at Silver Creek High School, his experience has been incredible. But it’s very different from middle school since it’s hard to make new friends.  

Credits to dreamstime

Along with computing and coding, Yash is very passionate about reading. Once he finds an interesting book it’s hard for him to put it down. He also plays Fortnite in his free time. What drives him to follow his dreams is when he goes out and sees something he would like to have in the future. He says to himself “I need to do good so I can have this when I grow up.” During the pandemic, Yash’s home life has not changed. After school, he watches a little bit of TV, goes to tutoring then goes on a walk. After his walk, he gets home to eat dinner and does homework. When summer comes around he hopes to go to India to visit his family for two months. He gets to spend time with his cousin, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. During his time here, he loves to go to Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor.

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